Giving to Services

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Financial support merging crypto with philanthropy.

Public service workers around the world report they aren't able to retire comfortably. GTS donates 4% of SVS returns to support workers who need assistance.

Giving to Services generates investment returns and contribute to public service workers who deserve relief from their financial worries. This means earnings for investors and public sector professionals.

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Seamless translation from design to development

It's important to organize the project before starting the development phase so we have a well built foundation in which the site can grow. From type to colors and components, all we need to translate from pixel to code is arranged in early stages o the project.

That allows for faster development timeframes, cleaner and therefore faster websites. In GTS I was able to bring all the boldness and strong visuals we had in the design files to 10+ pages in the web, fully responsive in under 3 weeks.